What a bunch of a-holes


Top 10 Criminal Minds Characters as voted by my followers

2. Spencer Reid

"Lena Headey always dresses like the head of a vaguely post-apocalyptic punk enclave who has to dress well because the punk enclave demands it but who has clearly barely ground out her cigarette butt on the hand of a willing underling before the picture was taken."

— Genevieve Valentine (x)


roses are red

violets are blue

there’s what I believe

and then there’s you

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s t a r  - l o r d   m a n

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on deviantART here too[x] a commission for i-ship-a-lot-of-ships , this was loads of fun and I was super happy to do this, thank you for letting me post! I love bucky ^_^

Shall we play a game?

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